Saturday, 3 October 2009

Welcome to Royal Fish's Tilt Blog

Or, should I say, welcome back, for those that know me will recall that my old Warwick Blog boar [sic] the same name. Now, of course, I am a graduate of that university, and have moved on from being a student of history to a student of life. *RAISES EYES TO THE HEAVENS IN A PRETENTIOUS, PIOUS GESTURE* Yea, 'tis life's long examination that now I must pass; and may I not be he who sits silent in the seminar eternal, but he who speaks, he who rules. Fall not into mediocrity, but rise to neverending triumph.

And so on. Ironically I am now reading a lot of the history books which I should have read as part of my course - mainly on Medieval Europe ("if one can talk of 'Medieval' as being a distinct age in human development").

Why have I started this blog? Out of vanity, essentially. I enjoy writing all manner of nonsense and I know there are people who enjoy reading it. Even those of an outwardly cynical and seldom-pleased nature will enjoy it; they even enjoy the fact that I just referred to them.

What do I intend to write? Well, such self-referential twaddle as this. But it's my twaddle, and mine alone. It is nonsense through my eyes. It is the nonsense that is important to me.

How often will I update this blog? Whenever I feel the urge to. At one point this could be everyday for a week. There may be one month stretches with not so much as a comment. I can assure you that I won't be writing much this month anyway, as I am off to Lima, Peru, South America (, World) for a family holiday. As usual, I'm looking forward to the flight (some 14hours from London to Madrid to Lima) as much as the destination itself! Apart from attending two weddings I suspect most of the time will be spent touring Lima and the surrounding area.

Indeed, the trip is shrouded in such mystery and speculation that I'm not even sure when I'm returning to England! What I do know, however, is that on my initial departure on Thursday 8th October, I shall have to leave my house well before dawn to catch the flight. Whether this will mean getting up ridiculously early or staying up ridiculously late is something that will be decided at the time. Neither is easily practicable, seeing as I normally sleep somewhere between 1am and 9.30am.

Indeed I've been keeping fairly normal hours recently. Gone are the days where I would stay up for 40 hours "just to see if I can". Let it suffice to say that my circadian rhythms have suffered so much in the past that I can't imagine jet lag, in the scheme of things, posing too much of a problem.

Poker. Was going to be playing the £220 Deepstack tonight (300 big blinds, 1 hour levels, dealer dealt) at the Brighton Grosvenor. Alas, one of my stakers had to pull out. That plus family politics. On boasting recently to my parents about winning $981 after coming 4th in a 3600-person $5 turbo on Stars, my mother made her usual anti-gambling tirade. Variance.

There are some nice looking events coming up in December though. Indeed, I've vowed never to play low stakes live again. As I have a job at the moment, I can play higher games. Will look into 1/2 at the VIC next time I am there.

Haven't played much online since my fourth place finish. With the risk of sounding like a workaholic busybody lifeslut, let's just say I "don't have enough time". I'm simply spending too much time on other things (work, eating, meeting, watching the Palin travel series) that I haven't any nice stretches for MTT playing. My connection isn't too great either, something which I shall be resolving on my return from Peru. In a recent example, I played some 2am $20+$2 tournament, part of the MiniFTOPS. I did quite well in the first hour... but that was the last hour played. Not because I was eliminated in one fell swoop - it took me several hours. But I did not play a hand. My connection, conspiring with memory issues (probably both from my machine and from the Full Tilt server itself) meant I was unable to play a single hand after the hour. Sometimes I would be able to log on and see my hand, only for the server to freeze for a minute and then show me as sitting out again.

I should be getting a new laptop at some point. My current one has served me well since September '06. But since then, the CD drive has bust - the replacement CD drive has bust, and the screen has lost most of its suspension - effectively meaning I can no longer change the angle of the screen. Nor indeed, can I use the computer as a 'laptop', gravity will not permit anything other than a completely flat surface.

One thing which isn't a flat surface is the Earth. I shall bear this in mind while travelling the 6,000 miles or so to Peru.

Here endeth the blog post.

Will post again shortly.

In the mean time, you can read my old blog here:

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