Sunday, 29 November 2009

Plans for December

Have decided to run in the Brighton marathon, and will be following the training schedule recommended on their site. This is the most physically ambitious thing I've ever done, but I have an inspiration. In March 2009 I walked from Coventry to Leamington alone. It took three hours and I had to navigate the most narrow roads, and I had made things difficult for myself by not bringing a map. All I had were some directions I had hastily written for myself before setting out. It was all done on a whim, but the feeling I got when I realised I was near Leamington, and better still the feeling I got when I sat down for a meal, was one of invincibility and conquest. I want that feeling again, and if running 26.2 miles won't give me that feeling, I don't know what will.

Going to play a few MiniFTOPS Events. Have already qualified for Event 2, but expect to play in the following:

Event 2
Thursday 10th December, 7pm
$22 7-Game Freezeout
$30,000 guaranteed
4k, 12 minute levels

Event 7
Saturday 12th December, 8pm
$11 NLHE Rebuy
$250,000 guaranteed
x * 1.5k, 2k addon, 10 minute blinds

Event 8
Sunday 13th December, 6pm
$26 NLHE Six-Max Knockout ($4 per)
$200,00 guaranteed
5k, 10 minute blinds

Event 10
Sunday 13th December, 10pm
$33 NLHE Freezeout
$400,000 guaranteed
5k, 12 minute blinds

Event 13
Tuesday 15th December, 6pm
$33 NLHE Six-Max Shootout
$30,000 guaranteed
3k, 6 minute blinds

Event 20
Friday 18th December, 6pm
$22 NLHE Freezeout
$150,000 guaranteed
5k, 10 minute blinds

Event 24
Sunday 20th December, 6pm
$13 NLHE Knockout ($2 per)
$150,000 guaranteed
5k, 10 minute blinds

Event 25 - MAIN EVENT
Sunday 20th December, 10pm
$55 NLHE Freezeout
$600,000 guaranteed
7.5k, 12 minute blinds

Of these-
Events I will definitely play in: 2, 7, 20, 24
Events I will play in if I have the roll/time: 8, 10, 13, 25

Of the definitely category, that will likely cost $88
Of the potential category, that would likely cost $147
Total: $235, (c. £142)

This is not a huge amount, and it basically represents the worst-case scenario.
Bit disappointed that there isn't a straight Stud event, but beggars can't be choosers.

I might also play some live events. There's a mini-series at the Brighton Mint Casino from 27th-30th. Might play the 1st and 4th events, both of which cost £55. If I am selective, will just play the last event, as it is deepstacked.

I may even foray into a tournament at the Brighton Grosvenor, if they have anything good going. Feeling very confident about my game (no changes there).

It'sa still gotta be done!

Even though I am writing about the ninth day, I'm still only 1/3 through the original text (as the entries actually got longer for the later days, as if the earlier ones were not already long enough by themselves). I want to get this finished by the New Year at best, and at worst by any time before I go on another set of travels. I am also writing some other thing which I wish to be able to send to my poker-playing friends by Christmas Eve - I have not let on about this little project before, and will leave it as a surprise till the day I send it.

Worked fairly hard in November but could take longer hours if I managed my day more efficiently. And longer hours equals longer pay-cheques. Not bad hey, what what?

That's about it for now. Will probably post once results from the various MiniFTOPS (or live events) start coming in.


Well it's still going, but as tomorrow is a Monday and the start of a few things, I may as well consider the month done and dusted.

As for my objectives:

Keeping fit
I did reintroducing running into my repertoire, but not as frequently as first anticipated. Weather made it difficult to run as often as I wished. Rain isn't a problem in itself, but GALES and STORMS are. Did succeed in eating more moderately.

Learn Italian
It was well on course, until I was informed that we are not actually going to Rome this December after all. Nevertheless, we will be going somewhen early next year, and will continue to learn it, but on a less urgent basis.

Become a successful 25NL Grinder
Tried this for the first week of so of the month, and it cost me around six buy ins. I reckon I was running 'below average', but that I was still uncertain as to where my edge actually was - and this is pretty fundamental when playing four tables at once. Instead I started 1-tabling 50NL which has gone better, though I am still down for the month, mainly due to that early 25NL loss and MTT variance. I only made one major cash and that was around $150 in a $3 rebuy. Oh, and I won a 45 seater $11 MTT, but lost or only small-cashed many others. I did make SilverStar, by the way, and it wasn't at all rushed. It was actually achieved just after midnight on the twenty-fifth, as opposed to just before midnight on the thirtieth... though in actual fact the deadline would probably have been in Eastern Time or Pacific Time, as it is universal.

Peru Report
Going well. Currently writing about Day 9 out of 20, and it's reached over 20,000 words so far. It's a strange thing to write; it's almost like reliving the holiday again. Even stranger is when I type along and almost know what phrase is going to come next before I've read it; not from memory, but simply because my way of structuring sentences/paragraphs are pretty much the same then ('twas only last month) as they are now. For the record, the Peru Report is based on prose I wrote while I was there, but the typed up version is edited and far longer.

Am going to make another post about my December objectives. Will do that NOW

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Back. Newvember

Hey guyz OMG I'm back!!1!

Will keep this brief. Here are my plans for the month

I) Keep Fit
This will be achieved through running three mornings a week, and I shall try my hand (literally) at dumbbells, sit ups and push ups. I will also have more moderate lunches.

II) Learn Italian
May be going to Rome in six weeks. Fortunately we have a book here called "Learn Italian in 3 months." Will just have to do it in half the time.

III) Become a successful 25NL Grinder
This is perhaps even more ambitious than the previous two plans, but I think I'm finally ready. I don't *need* the money, so I'm free to play how I feel best. If this goes well I should be silverstar by the end of the month, though that isn't the aim. The aim is just to play perfect poker.

IV) Write Peru Report
An account of my travels there. This is less urgent than the other two and I don't expect to be finished any time soon.

That's all for now. Have almost recovered from jetlag. Just as well. Tomorrow I am needed to man the phones at the office so will be in at 9.