Sunday, 29 November 2009


Well it's still going, but as tomorrow is a Monday and the start of a few things, I may as well consider the month done and dusted.

As for my objectives:

Keeping fit
I did reintroducing running into my repertoire, but not as frequently as first anticipated. Weather made it difficult to run as often as I wished. Rain isn't a problem in itself, but GALES and STORMS are. Did succeed in eating more moderately.

Learn Italian
It was well on course, until I was informed that we are not actually going to Rome this December after all. Nevertheless, we will be going somewhen early next year, and will continue to learn it, but on a less urgent basis.

Become a successful 25NL Grinder
Tried this for the first week of so of the month, and it cost me around six buy ins. I reckon I was running 'below average', but that I was still uncertain as to where my edge actually was - and this is pretty fundamental when playing four tables at once. Instead I started 1-tabling 50NL which has gone better, though I am still down for the month, mainly due to that early 25NL loss and MTT variance. I only made one major cash and that was around $150 in a $3 rebuy. Oh, and I won a 45 seater $11 MTT, but lost or only small-cashed many others. I did make SilverStar, by the way, and it wasn't at all rushed. It was actually achieved just after midnight on the twenty-fifth, as opposed to just before midnight on the thirtieth... though in actual fact the deadline would probably have been in Eastern Time or Pacific Time, as it is universal.

Peru Report
Going well. Currently writing about Day 9 out of 20, and it's reached over 20,000 words so far. It's a strange thing to write; it's almost like reliving the holiday again. Even stranger is when I type along and almost know what phrase is going to come next before I've read it; not from memory, but simply because my way of structuring sentences/paragraphs are pretty much the same then ('twas only last month) as they are now. For the record, the Peru Report is based on prose I wrote while I was there, but the typed up version is edited and far longer.

Am going to make another post about my December objectives. Will do that NOW

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