Sunday, 13 March 2011

Funny Old Dreams

I dreamt that I was having a practice job interview... with my grandfather, up in his top floor flat. My brother and father were in the same room and were talking with eachother, out loud. I was angry with them for not taking the interview seriously. (N.B. I have a real-life interview on Monday afternoon)

Later I dreamt that I was sitting on a long table with a lot of people from school, none of whom I particularly liked. There were quite a few spare seats and some guy (also from school, whom I always despised) was darting his eyes around calculating where would be best to sit. He sat in my area, where there were an above-average proportion of girls. I told him out loud that his reason for choosing this spot was pathetic and that, moreover, he deliberately chose to sit next to me so he could try his 'alpha-male- routine whilst sitting next to someone whom he didn't regard as rival.

Later still I dreamt that, after the meal, we had all got into a bus. Suddenly the bus, along with all the other signs of human life, disappeared. I was alone with two others, James and José (I don't think the J's are significant) and I was walking around in awe. I felt as though we had been transported to the distant future. I was making ridiculous comments "the sun is about to eat us. see how red everything is? this is phobos. this is the photon." while expansive new age music swirled around ominously as if we were at the navel of the universe.

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