Thursday, 28 April 2011


Major news.

It isn't an offer. When I do get an offer I shall find a better post title than 'Applications'.

(Or I might not post at all.)

However, I can confirm that following my Tuesday assessment centre I have been invited to the final interview stage of a Big Four firm.

The interview isn't till the end of May.

I still have another assessment centre coming up next week (for a smaller, London-based firm) and so at least I've got something to shoot for in the meantime.

But I can't overexaggerate what a singularly good peice of news this is. Two and a half months ago I was stuck on the seabed. Now I can feel the sun rays through the water surface.

Better yet, if this application proves unsuccessful I can still put my name forward to a special recruitment register for vacancies of this sort. Which may not sound like much, but basically being on a list of 'tripped up but only at the last hurdle' candidates means that the firms, looking out for new recruits, already have a list of candidates who have gone through and passed the hoops of application forms, online tests, competency interviews, assessment centres... and that is a good place to be.

I feel no reason to guard myself from optimism. This is going to happen.

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