Saturday, 30 April 2011

I do find small things amusing (that's not what she said!) because even in the most mundane item there has been an awful lot of concious decision.

For instance, this  morning I was surprised to find a 2l bottle of diet lemonade in the fridge.

I began to think about the life story of said bottle, and how many concious decisions went in to getting it where it was today.

From most recent to most histroic
- somebody decided to put it in the fridge rather than store it at room temperature
- somebody decided to buy diet rather than regular lemonade
- somebody decided to go shopping
- somebody decided that they should sell this particular brand of diet lemonade in store
- somedody decided the price should be set at 79p
- somebody decided that they should manufacture this particular brand of diet lemonade
- somebody decided that one of the sizes of bottles should be 2 litres
- somebody decided that lemons mixed with carbonated water makes a refreshing drink
- somebody decided that plastic containers can be forged to hold liquids

And soon we shall be able to add to this list:
- somebody decided to drink it

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