Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Taxing Times?

You wouldn't think receiving a set of Principles of Taxation learning materials could make somebody so happy. Well it has.

And actually I did think that it would make me happy, that's why I applied to take it (as the first module of the CFAB i.e. the Knowledge Modules of the ACA). There's nothing quite like starting out a new folder, getting out a textbook, fountain pen and a fresh pad of high-quality paper (it's practically vellum) and studying. Though I have not got a training contract yet I shall look back on 19th April 2011 as the day I started my professional life. It's not clear how quickly I'll get through the materials but it's not unrealistic for me to take this module some time in late May.

Anyway I'm not going to London today after all. I got a phone call yesterday to arrange the date of my Assessment Centre: Tuesday 26th in the Wild West of London. So I'll get to see London anyway, probably in the long, balmy afternoon following the assessment. Although I don't actually know what time it's going to be yet...

Either way, not much use me taking a day off at the moment!

I love the fact that these blog posts will look conspiciously mundane in, say, a year or two's time when I'm travelling the country committing audits, having wine and 'bites' with red-faced partners and forming social relationships with other people in my position (oh, and maybe the occasional friendship).

And yesterday was a great practical step in making this nightmare a reality!

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