Friday, 29 January 2010

Can't think of a good title for this blog post and have already used 'Running Updates' for the previous update.

6km in 42 minutes. This includes a 2 minute break at the halfway point and a 1 minute comfort break. For consistency, I should report that on Wednesday I took a 4 minute break yesterday at the halfway point, and so even if the running bit had only taken 33 minutes, the total journey time was 37 minutes.

As the occasional breather/rest break will feature in the marathon itself, I feel it would be good practice for me to measure the total start to finish time from now on. Thus the results so far:

27/1/10 - 5km, 37 minutes (8.1km/hr)
29/1/10 - 6km, 42 minutes (8.6km/hr)

I will keep this tally up in all my future posts.

I must say, it's fun to tally up lists of numbers for things which actually matter for a change. Not that I'm saying there's anything at all pointless about my accountancy work. But running makes me healthy and happy.

Am very satisfied to have done the full 6km. Am still not sure precisely what my plan for Sunday's run will be. It depends a lot on how I feel on the day. By 'feel' I mean physically, not emotionally. There are fewer things better at moderating ones emotions than a good bout of mindless exercise.
I am ambitious to try seven or eight kilometres. Again, the route will be along the promenade, though I shall have to go East of the Peace Statue at some point, as there is no practical way or running past Hove Lagoon, the westernmost part of the promenade.

It really is a brilliant place to run.

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