Sunday, 24 January 2010

Three Posts in one day? He's mad!

I am indeed mad, although it should be brought to your attention that the first post was in fact written last night, but like most (ex-)students, my actual day eats into the next calender day as a matter of course.

I have a few months in which I do not really plan to leave Brighton, save a day-trip or two to London or France. Accordingly I can set some plans in motion. Here they are.

1) Marathon
Everything else has to revolve around this. Training recommences tomorrow after a break during my time in the North. Fortunately I did enough walking around (including 10 miles through Coventry) so as not to become completely unfit.

2) Driving
Not planning to take my test for a good while yet, but I'm going to have to pressure my father into insuring me on his car and letting me drive it. Of course, being on a green licence I am required by law to have someone supervising me, so I will take to the habit of driving errands.

3) Work
Had a great time in the Midlands. But for some reason, all I could really think about is how nice it would be to just have loads and loads of cash and be able to do whatever I want. Well, now's as good a time as any, and tomorrow I'm back to work.

4) Projects
Peru Report is done. Not dusted, mind you. But done. I can now direct my creative efforts elsewhere. Am currently drafting up a board game about the upcoming General Election. I won't give too much away here, and I am not sticking to any strict schedule. But whenever I produce it, and whatever form the game takes, it will be good. Which is pretty difficult, as the key dynamic in game design is finding good balances. Between skill and luck, between impressionism and conceptualism, between accuracy and playability... &c.

Just came back from Ask in Lewes. I used to go there quite frequently with my family back in the good old days when we had a disposable income. Apart from the fact that the service was a little slow, it was an excellent dining experience and the food was to a high standard.

Anyway, better get on with things. Is going to be a critical three months.

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