Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Running Updates

Just ran 5km in 33 minutes.

To the more experienced jogger, this may not look too impressive.
And to the non-runner, it may make no sense at all as they have nothing to compare it to.

Either way, it's a start, and I'm finally embracing the transition to distance-running. I know it's 5km because I was running along the Hove promenade, where they have markings every 1/2 km. I know it took 33 minutes because I have a stopwatch. That makes my average speed 9km/hr which, incidentally, is twice the speed I walk at.

What's my plan for Friday then, run 5km in 30 minutes?

No, my plan is to run 6km in however many minutes it takes. The focus at the moment is on distance, not speed. That's what a marathon is all about.

I say 'Friday' rather than tomorrow because the current recommendation on the Brighton Marathon website is to practice distance running every other day, whereas at the beginning of training, I was doing short sessions almost every day.

It seems ironic, then, that as my runs are getting longer and less frequent  my blog posts are getting shorter and more frequent.

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