Friday, 8 January 2010

Update Soon

This is not the update itself. This is just to update my fans (all one of them) that I will be writing an update soon. I haven't forgotten about the blog, I've just been busy. Honest!

Yes yes good new year and all that. Did not make any resolutions, decided I'm perfect already. Been a good year so far so may it continue.

One thing which wasn't so perfect was my last post. Did not proof-read it and haven't read it since publishing, but my (one) fan has informed me that there were many unfinished sentences. I can't have that, so I will be engaging in a blog clean-up before I post anything new (apart from this, but by the time you read it it will be not new). Also, when making reviews in the future I will set out with more of a purpose. That last review degenerated into a self-indulgent philosophical game. I'm not saying such things are unwelcome on this blog, merely that they should be written in a different context. In fact, I have since trimmed the Burke review of some of the less relevant material, but have saved it in case I wish to use it at some point in the future to which it might be more suited.

Wow. Just checked spell check and no misspellings found! It's a mirclae!

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