Monday, 8 March 2010

Eye 1257

Is fairly amusing. But more importantly, it was taken along Brighton Beach. The Conservative Party Conference took place down here over the last weekend of February. I wasn't actually here at that time, but if you look carefully in the picture you can see a statue. From this distance it looks a bit like a hook, but if you look here you will see what the real shape of it is meant to be. This is the Peace Statue, which marks the border between Brighton and Hove and, back when I was running, was the starting/finishing point for my jogs.

I will be getting back to running shortly. Became rather unhealthy in February after my injury. Have realised that feeling unhealthy is not exactly to my liking, so am trying to eat better and just generally be healthier. Specifics may follow in later posts.

On the matter of electoral politics, I recommend this blog for all your opinion-poll needs. There seems to be a large number of pundits following the blog, and the discussion is for the most part non-partisan, which is a great relief.

Currently grinding my way through Seldon's Major: A Political Life. Is 700 or so pages but flows well, so shouldn't take me too long to read. Am still halfway through three other books.

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