Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Hello. It's me!

Or is it?

Yes it is.

I suppose whenever I leave my blog blank for five or more days I feel compelled to inform y'all that I'm still here, just that I haven't had time to write anything. Or have had the time but not the inclination. Or had the inclination but not the time.

I have nothing to write.

On an unexpected note, has anybody else noticed this 'Anonymous' who keeps commenting on my blogposts? If not, scroll down and have a gander at some of the comments on earlier posts. I did not know such a thing as blog-spamming existed. This spam, however, does not seem to have any real purpose! Nothing is being advertised, there are no links posted, and the comment content has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter.

If this 'Anonymous' is actually a real, living, breathing person make yourself known, for if you are an actual human being you have done a very good job of hiding it.

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