Thursday, 18 March 2010


Stuff, but no nonsense, I'm afraid.

Well, not really much stuff either.

Hadn't written on this blog for ALL OF FOUR DAYS so thought I'd make a splash.

Watching Question Time. Pretty fun panel. Margaret Beckett reminds me of Margeret Thatcher. Caroline Lucas looks like Ian Hislop. But she is standing as the Green candidate in Brighton Pavilion. And Ian Hislop isn't. Charles Kennedy is his usual uninspiring self. He actually reminds me of my father a little. Not in appearance, thankfully, but just his manner of delivery. Even his accent is similar, which surprises me, as they are from different provinces.

There's also some Tory in suit. Landsley or something. Or Landsdale. I forget. But David Starkey seems to be a far better and clear-cut representative for the Tories. Forget David Cameron, give me David Starkey for Prime Minister!

I don't really mean that as a joke either. I instintinctively favour historians. I graduated in history, and feel that studying history gives you a fairly wry understanding of human nature (and its repetative and tragic charecter) and a sense of perspective essential for government.

Ah but politics is fairly rotten.

Not that I'm an expenses-scandal bleater.

But I'm beginning to question the premise of representative democracy.

And debate is tired.

"I believe this."

"Well I believe this."

"I guess we're never really going to agree."

"No, you're never going to agree."

I'm glad that most of the hard work of government is done in committes rather than simply being based upon the empty jeering of PMQs or Question Time (or Any Answers on Radio 4 which often collapses into populism).

No wonder people have no faith in politics - they only see the spectacle.

Actually I have quite a lot of respect for MP's. From all I can see it's a pretty hard, unrewarding job.

Can't remember whether I've linked this yet or not.

It's a site all about political polling in the run up to the general election.

And yes, I'm more interested in the numbers than I am in the issues.

May the best man win!

Or woman.



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