Tuesday, 9 March 2010


EDIT: Have updated the times. I had made a Daylight Savings Time shift error!

Mini FTOPS is coming!


Unlike the last Mini FTOPS, at which time I was getting a little bored of poker, I am pretty fired up for this one.

Whether I play or not in an event will, of course, have to depend on the circumstances of the night. If I am doing something better or have work, then I will obviously do that. If I don't really feel like playing, then I won't. However, these are the events which I may very well end up playing.

Event 4
Friday 12th March, 6pm
$22 NLHE 1 Rebuy 1 Addon ($62 spend)
$300,000 guaranteed
6.5k (total), 10/12/15 minute levels

Event 7
Saturday 13th March, 8pm
$11 NLHE Rebuy
$350,000 guaranteed
x * 1.5k, 2k addon, 10/12/15 minute levels

Event 8
Sunday 14th March, 5pm
$13 NLHE Knockout ($2 per)
$250,000 gauranteed
5k, 10/12/15 minute levels

Event 10
Sunday 14th March, 9pm
$33 NLHE Freezeout
$600,000 gauranteed
5k, 12/15/20 minute levels

Event 13
Tuesday 16th March, 5pm
$33 NLHE Shootout (Six-max)
$150,000 guaranteed
3k, 6 minute levels

Event 16
Wednesday 17th March, 5pm
$22 7-Game
$50,000 guaranteed
4k, special incremental structure

Event 20
Friday 19th March, 5pm
$22 NLHE Freezeout (Six-max)
$200,000 guaranteed
5k, 10/12/15 minute levels

Event 25
Sunday 21st March, 5pm
$26 NLHE Knockout (Six-max)
$300,000 guaranteed
5k, 10/12/15 minute levels

Main Event
Sunday 21st March, 9pm
$55 NLHE Freezeout
$800,000 guaranteed
7.5k, 12/15/20 minute levels

Playing Event 4 is only a possibility, but really depends how I feel on the night. 6pm is hardly the ideal starting time and $62 seems like a lot. However, we'll see.

Event 8 also starts a little early.

Events 7, 13, 16 and 20 and 25 look like fairly safe bets.

As for Event 10 and the Main Event, they start a bit late and have long structures. They do look veeeery nice though.

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